Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, did you miss me last week?

I don’t know how I managed it, but I simply forgot to blog last Monday, oops! It completely slipped my mind! It’s not as if I had drifted off track, I’d had a really good week, keeping my activity and targets for my 5×50 Challenge on track, eating well, and keeping busy.

Last week was great, too: I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment.

As the weather was fantastic last Monday, I thought I’d squeeze in a 5k run before WAR. It seemed like a good idea at the time! I ran along the Crinan Canal, past cyclists, walkers and horse riders, it was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then, it was time for WAR, and it was hot, hot, hot! Ten minutes into the class and my run no longer seemed like such a great idea! Anyway, I stuck with it, and worked hard. I’m finding that my upper body strength is increasing, and my shoulders and arms are looking more toned, which is great.

On Tuesday, Pound and Zumba were cancelled, so I decided to dig out the Wii Fit for a change, and got active for an hour or so tackling some fun Wii activities. I was done in no time, and had built up a sweat, too.

Wednesday was the start of a new block of Jog Scotland sessions, and ours was hill repeats. We did a 20 minute run, followed by five repeats of the hill at Big Brae. It was tough, but great, and we ran 5K, including those pesky hills.

I was pack to a double class on Thursday, with PiYo and VeraFlow. I noticed that my flexibility has improved without me realising it: usually, I have to use my hands to lift my leg forward far enough when we ‘step through’ and return to sun salutation, and my feet would get ‘lazy’ the more lunges we’d do by creeping closer to my waist. Not on Thursday, though. Without even trying, I was going these moves correctly, Yay! I still can’t do a half moon well, but that’s next on my list to work on. VeraFlow was, as ever, a lovely wind down for the end of my working week, as I was off on Friday.

We had Salsa on Friday night, which really is as much fun as you’d imagine: it’s a great stress buster, and we’re really beginning to put some moves together, as we learned four new moves this week.

The weather took me by surprise on Saturday: the forecast was for rain, but the sun was splitting the sky, so I headed out for eight miles. I ran well, and felt strong. @TheWelshWookie ran with me for the first 5k, which is the longest he’s done in a while due to injury. I was pleased to see that each mile was faster than the previous one, which shows me that my training really is going to plan. With three weeks until the Great Edinburgh Run, I’m feeling really good about it.

How has your week been? Is your training still on track?

 Have a great week!

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