The Sights You See!

The Sights You See!

After days of wall-to-wall sunshine, I awoke this morning to the Return of The Rain. Boo.


But, the flowers got a good water. Hurrah!

And, as I was driving into work this morning, bleary eyed and thinking about my holiday starting at the end of this week, I was startled by an unexpected sight! No, not more cows on the beach 😉 but something you certainly don’t see every day.

I saw a lady walking down the street, smartly dressed, and looking like she was on her way to work. Nothing odd about that, you say?



But, she was wearing one of these:


Seriously, she really was!

I can only assume that she had misplaced her brolly during the recent spell of dry weather!

Certainly not a sight I expected to see at 8am, but it made me laugh 😀

Have you seen any strange sights while out ‘n’ about recently?