Testing the Treadmill

Testing the Treadmill

Tonight, I gave my treadmill a wee road test (pardon the pun!)


I was late home from work; the clocks have changed meaning it was pitch dark outside, and the rain was pounding. Perfect treadmill testing time!

I ran for 20 minutes, just to give it a go, and get a feel for it. The machine was really steady and sturdy; it felt better than some gym treadmills I’ve tried. I set my Nike SportWatch to register my shoe sensor instead of the GPS, and away I went!

I was running reasonably fast (for me) but only registered at running around 10-11 minutes per mile. So, I increased the speed. I probably should have increased the incline instead- but I’ll try that out next time.

All in all, I enjoyed the novelty of it: being able to watch TV as I ran was fun, but in the long term I’m pretty sure that it won’t replace outdoor running for me 😉


Today’s Stats:

Run: 20 minutes

Distance: 2.1 miles

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: wet and windy, hence the treadmill run!

Today’s Life Lesson: the day after helping lift a treadmill is not the day for wearing a skirt- bruised shins is not a good look!

Has your running week gotten off to a good start?

4 thoughts on “Testing the Treadmill

  1. The treadmill is always great at first, but before you know it, you’re itching to get outside! Very short lived:). Glad it was a good first trial run!

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