Cleanin’, Eatin’, Readin’

Cleanin’, Eatin’, Readin’

That just about sums up my Saturday!

@TheWelshWookie and I got stuck in to domestic duties this morning, with a spring clean of the living room and bathroom. I’m pleased to report that I have sparking surfaces, and TheWookie managed, at long last, to rid the carpet of the large wax stain caused by a slight candle meltdown incident a while back 😉

We were finished in time to enjoy some lunch before the beginning of the Six Nations rugby. I had some vegetable biryani: delish!

photo (7)

As I’m sure you can tell by his twitter handle, @TheWelshWookie feels rather strongly about Welsh rugby 😉 So, while he was glued to the TV, I half watched, and spent the afternoon catching up on the past couple of month’s Women’s Running and Women’s Health magazines. I had already had a quick scan through these, but it’s lovely to have time to sit, mug of tea in hand, and really read them.

photo (4)

I also had a slice of my grandma’s Jock’s Loaf:

photo (6)

It is amazing!

There’s a couple of interesting articles in them, I thought I’d share:

2014-02-01 15-47 page #0 2014-02-01 16-51 page #0

Tonight, we’re having some lovely salmon for dinner, and perhaps a glass of vino. Well, a girl’s got to fortify herself to finish the spring cleaning: tomorrow, it’s the turn of the bedrooms 😉

When was the last time you had some quiet reading time? What did you read?

26 thoughts on “Cleanin’, Eatin’, Readin’

  1. Quiet reading time…that can actually happen?! Ha ha, it’s been a LONG LONG time since I’ve had some quiet reading time. I don’t remember the last book I read…unless you count Goodnight Moon 😉

  2. I’ve always read in bed at night, but during term time I’m so tired I only manage a page or two so most of my quality book reading time is during the holidays. Lately, I’ve taken to having a bath on a Sunday night and catching up with my running magazines. Since Sunday is long-run day, this has become a vital part of my recovery routine and gives me something to look forward to on cold, wet runs!

    1. That’s perfect! I don’t envy you, with the amount of ‘other’ reading you have to do. I’m a fast reader- doing English at Uni I think helped with that- so a week’s holiday can easily mean reading 16-20 books, so I definitely catch up!

  3. I only saw the first half of the Wales game but missed the England one completely (which is unusual for me!). Nice job on your spring clean – I definitely need to do that in the not too distant future (maybe after Silverstone when I get my life back!). Reading wise, I have skimmed through WR, got WH to go, but all is being put aside while Game of Thrones is going great guns!

  4. I actually squeeze in about 30 minutes of quiet reading time after I finish my morning run. Cup of coffee in hand, my ipad in my lap, I peruse blogs I follow and maybe read some on the kindle app.
    Can you explain what that rice dish is?? In my world, it looks like mexican food. But I’m guessing it isn’t….

    1. That’s a great way to get some reading in! The veg biryani is an Indian dish, with lots of warmth and spices. It’s delish!

      1. Well, it could mean either an athletic person or a male’s genitals. The protective cup athletes wear is called a Jock Strap. And we have an expression – Get off my jock! So your jock loaf gave me a chuckle.

      2. Ha ha!! I’ll never look at my grandma’s ‘fruit’ loaf in the same way again! 😮

  5. Oh that does look so yummy! I remember reading about the stats regarding physical activity of women in Scotland as well – go us! Incidentally, how do you get wax stains out of a carpet? I’ve had a bit of an accident along those lines myself lately… 😉

    1. Go us indeed! It was a massive wax stain! I tried putting down brown paper and ironing it, but it was far too big! TheWookie spent about an hour literally scraping and chiseling it off a bit at a time, and vacuuming it. It’s by no means perfect, but is much better than it was! 😮

      1. Oooh ok… I think I’ll have to do that too. I thought you might have discovered some secret super awesome way of getting rid of it really easily!

  6. Last weekend I caught up on some Runner’s World magazines. Nice, quiet…I think I finished 3 or 4 of them. If you couldn’t tell, I don’t have a whole lot of magazine reading time. I still have 3 or 4 more than I haven’t opened yet!

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