Three New Things

Three New Things

Actually, There’s probably been much more than three new things recently, but I thought I’d share my top three with you.

1. Running Skirts

I ordered and took delivery of two tartan running skirts recently. I’m really excited to try them out! One is white, grey and pink, the other is turquoise and pink. I really hope that they are as comfortable as they look! 😉

2. Haggis Nachos

Wow. Simply wow. While in Campbeltown on Saturday, we stopped off for lunch at . I had a portion of haggis nachos: a massive plate of nachos, smothered in peppercorn sauce, topped with rich haggis and topped off with melting, bubbling local cheese. I cannot possibly tell you how amazing these are! I’m only sorry that I was too busy enjoying them to take a photo. We’ll definitely be making these at home soon.

3. Na Seudan Ur

There’s a super talented group of local girls who have been singing and playing together for some time. They play Gaelic and Scottish traditional music, with a hint of folk and blues mixed in, and they are fantastic! I shared a clip of them playing before back in June, on my blog post about the Viking Festival.
Well, the group is called which translates as ‘The New Jewels’ and it was their CD launch that we went to on Saturday night. They are simply brilliant! So much so, that they made it onto the evening news on BBC Alba.
@TheWelshWookie and I pre-purchased CDs as part of their Kickstarter crowdfunding to enable them to publish and launch their CD, and it really is beautiful. They’re a really talented group of girls.

You should check them out: here they are on BBC Alba, they’re on at around 17:35 minutes in:

8 thoughts on “Three New Things

  1. I have to say, I LOVE my running skirts! The pockets are huge enough for a smart phone and slim enough that they don’t make me look like I’m bulgy in the wrong places. I really like running long runs in them because there is absolutely no chaffing with them! And they make me look so damn good. 🙂 Haggis Nachos sounds…uh… different? haha. They do sound tasty.

  2. I love running skirts too – only have one but it is so comfortable. Mine’s an INKnBURN – very different looking gear. Not sure about the Haggis Nachos – I will leave that one with you but the band sounds lovely 🙂

    1. I bought them from a company in the US, I’ll definitely review (if I still fit in them, that is!)

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