Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, my lovelies, did you have a lovely time over the festive period? I did. It was wonderful. I’ve done lots of relaxing, eating and some walking – but no running or classes at all. That changes tonight. Eek!

I’m back into my proper routine, with all of the treats and temptations firmly out of the kitchen. I have a healthy version of a turkey curry bubbling away in the slow cooker, and I’m ready to work hard at tonight’s Clubbercise class. Bring it on!

I’ve been thoroughly spoiled with lovely gifts over Christmas- including tickets for @TheWelshWookie and I to visit Harry Potter Studios, and I am so excited! I’m planning on making the absolute most of it, so in anticipation we have begun re-watching the movies and re-reading the books. We started on Saturday morning, and we’ve watched the first four films and I’ve read the first four books. It’s been years since I read them all, and I’m loving rediscovering the details I had long forgotten, or missed first time around. Like this:  

 and this:  

 So before I throw myself back into a routine, I’m pausing to think about what new challenges I can take on. As JK Rowling tells us:  

Have a wonderful week!

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      1. Ives heard its good- and I’ve been told to avoid the ever flavour beans…… 😮

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