Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, did you miss me last week, when I was away gallivanting? @TheWelshWookie and I were off visiting the Harry Potter Studios Tour and it was awesome! Here are a couple of snaps: 

 If you get the chance to visit, you have to take it- to visit the actual set and to walk through the Great Hall, Diagon Alley and onto the Hogwarts Express was amazing! 

From a fitness point of view, we did lots and lots of walking in London and around about. We also visited Southend and walked the longest pier in the world, which is 1.3 miles long!  

 I’m glad to be back into a routine, though, and we were back at PiYo tonight, starting the next round, which is round 40. I think I’m going to love some of these routines and the 80s music is fantastic! I tried out my new mat tonight, but it isn’t sticky or grippy enough and I couldn’t grip properly, so I ended up swapping it for one of Jacqui’s. Any tips on how to make a mat more ‘sticky’ if you know what I mean? 

  it is pretty, though!

After a break, and with the summer looming, it’s easy to fall away from routine and to not stick to fitness goals. If that rings true for you, I hope this helps; it has helped me this week: 

 Have a great week!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, my lovelies, did you have a lovely time over the festive period? I did. It was wonderful. I’ve done lots of relaxing, eating and some walking – but no running or classes at all. That changes tonight. Eek!

I’m back into my proper routine, with all of the treats and temptations firmly out of the kitchen. I have a healthy version of a turkey curry bubbling away in the slow cooker, and I’m ready to work hard at tonight’s Clubbercise class. Bring it on!

I’ve been thoroughly spoiled with lovely gifts over Christmas- including tickets for @TheWelshWookie and I to visit Harry Potter Studios, and I am so excited! I’m planning on making the absolute most of it, so in anticipation we have begun re-watching the movies and re-reading the books. We started on Saturday morning, and we’ve watched the first four films and I’ve read the first four books. It’s been years since I read them all, and I’m loving rediscovering the details I had long forgotten, or missed first time around. Like this:  

 and this:  

 So before I throw myself back into a routine, I’m pausing to think about what new challenges I can take on. As JK Rowling tells us:  

Have a wonderful week!

A Weekend in Glasgow

A Weekend in Glasgow

Hi, folks!

Have you had a relaxing weekend, or a busy one?

We’ve has a busy one in Glasgow, though it’s been lots of fun! @TheWelshWookie, my sis Angie and I had a late lunch yesterday at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. It opened at the end of November, and this was our first chance to visit.

Wanna see inside?

20140112-161731.jpg 20140112-161758.jpg 20140112-161811.jpg 20140112-161747.jpg


After some good food, and a few cocktails, we met up with Angie’s bf Ryan, and my mum. We had tickets booked to see The Hobbit in 3D at the IMAX theatre in Glasgow.

Here’s some pics of our walk over the Clyde:

20140112-161904.jpg 20140112-161856.jpg 20140112-161846.jpg 20140112-161837.jpg

It’s a bit of a family tradition: since Angie was small, we’ve gone together to the showings of the Harry Potter films,  The Lord of the Rings, and now the Hobbit films. We’ll have to find something else next year, after the final instalment of The Hobbit!

No running this weekend: lots of walking, though!