Is It The Weekend Yet?

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Evening, all!

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 9.27.40 PM

Well, I made a bit of a silly mistake tonight: Usually I go for a wee run as soon as I finish work, mainly because if I didn’t go then I wouldn’t bother that suits me best. Tonight, it was overcast, and about 22 degrees when I got home. I thought I‘d be smart, and wait a couple of hours before running, in the hope that the temperature dropped a little. Big mistake. The sun actually came out, and was beating down on me for all of my ‘speed’ session, and the temperature had actually increased! 😮

Oh, well.

Today’s stats:

Run: 5K slow speed session. 

I did: 1K warm up jog; followed by 6x 300 metre sprints/200 metre recovery walk. I finished up with a 1K so-called ‘cool’ down

Time: 32:56

Trainers: Lunar Racers

Weather: bright and very sunshiny! Again! Woop Woop!

Best running track of the day: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. It kicked in just when I needed it!

So, as we head towards another weekend, there’s another event on in the fantastic village where I live. It’s the Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival, which kicks off tomorrow night 😀

There are quite a few boats in already, and while I ran along by the pontoons, I could hear fiddle music filling the air, which was lovely!

photo-58 photo-61

photo-60 photo-59

The village was pretty busy for a Thursday evening, with people eating at tables outside the cafes, and strolling along the harbour, enjoying the view and the weather. It looks like we’re in for another cracking weekend!

Today’s life lesson: Sometimes I say things to try to make things better, and end up doing the opposite. Mental note- think through what I say before I say it!

What have you said, and instantly regretted?

2 thoughts on “Is It The Weekend Yet?

  1. Nice speedwork! It’s hard to run sprints in teh heat, although your 22 degrees is like our winter here in FL. lol

    I am always saying things I regret. I have a special place in my mouth for my foot.

    The festival sounds like it will be a blast! Have a great weekend!

    1. Lol! Today it is 29 degrees here today, which is really unusual- were not designed for this, but I am loving it!! Thanks!

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