And Stretch…

And Stretch…

In line with my taper for next Monday’s half marathon, this week will involve lots of stretching. Or at least, it should- so I’m starting off right:


Today’s stats:

Run: Nope, as I said, stretching was the order of the day for me

Time: 15 mins NTC Kara Goucher Pro Running Stretches. I might do the Shawn Johnson stretching later, too, for good measure 😉

Nice, surprising stretching track: Adam Lambert’s version of the U2 song, One.

Have any of you tried the Kara Goucher stretches, from the Nike Training Club app? I really like it, I think it has really helped me, and is one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay injury-free. Here’s a screen shot of the exercises:


The first exercise is a hip flexor stretch, which I really like.


The second stretch is a triangle stretch. I have terrible balance, so I try to take care when I do this one!


The next stretch is a series of prone position leg swings. When I do this one, I don’t let my swinging leg touch the floor, which I think makes it a little more challenging, but I like that!


The fourth stretch is supine scorpions: I don’t like these much! Too much co-ordination needed, which I just don’t have!


The final exercise is an ITB stretch, using a resistance band. This one feels great!


These exercises are all one minute stretches, totalling 5 minutes, and are repeated 3 times. It always feels great, after they are done! 😀

I’m trying to get my eating back on track, too, so my berries are now all ready and good to go:


Today’s Life Lesson: you know that your handbag is too heavy when it triggers the seatbelt alarm in the car!

What’s your favourite stretch?

4 thoughts on “And Stretch…

  1. I LOVE the Nike Training App but I have not tried the stretches yet..I will have to search for them. Do you have a foam roller? I use that in combination with stretching and it feels amazing afterwards!

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