What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

It’s a wild, wet and windy Wednesday. So what do you do?

Do you:

1. Man up, and go for a run: get blown around the harbour, soaked to the bone, but feel smug and thaw out when you get home.


2. Do some indoor exercise: strength training. Yoga. Fitness DVD.

3. Do those stretches you know are good for you, but you neglect. Foam roll.


4. Sit on the sofa and watch TV, listening to the rain battering on the window.

Can you guess which I did tonight?

Getting Ready!

Getting Ready!

I have news! I received this email today:


I’m surprised that I’ll have the medal before I do my second half marathon, but, so what?! 😀

My taper and preparations are continuing for next Monday’s half marathon in Dublin. It has only just occurred to me that I can now say I have TWO proper runs next week: the half on Monday, and the Perth Kilt Run on Saturday! Woo Hoo! Tonight, it’s all about the packing and organising for our trip to Dublin:


Today’s stats:

Run: No, only stretching for me today 😉

Time: 15 mins NTC Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide. I think I’ll do 20 minutes of yoga. Or maybe I’ll sit in the hot tub instead….

Best stretching track today: Daughtry for me today

After my post the other day about Kara Goucher’s stretches, I thought I’d show you some screen shots from Shawn Johnson’s stretch guide too. Something I didn’t mention was that the athlete talks you through each stretch, and how to do it. It’s also accompanied by a video clip that actually demonstrates how to do each stretch safely and properly. Neat, huh?

Unlike the Kara Goucher stretches, this is an actual 15 minute long routine, with no repeating of exercises, so it’s great for mixing things up a little.


It begins with some basic stretching, like circling your head, arms, waist, ankles, etc.

It then moves onto a combined tricep, side and arm stretch which feels pretty good!


The second main stretch is a pike/squat stretch which I really like. It feels like I’m really working the muscles:


The next stretch is a leg combo of four stretches. Again, this is a really good one for running, I think. It stretches out the hamstrings, hip, inner thigh and quads:


Next, it’s a pretzel stretch, which is great for the legs and lower back.


The  final two stretches are kind of yoga-ish: a dog stretch and a cat stretch. I can’t do a proper cat stretch- I’m too stiff for it!

IMG_1877 IMG_1878

I must admit, I do feel much more limber after doing this routine. Sometimes I then do some foam rolling, too, for good measure!


Today’s Life Lesson: is it only me who phones someone I need to talk to urgently, and they are out of the office; then on lunch; then finished for the day?

Do you have any pre-travel packing tips you’d like to share?

And Stretch…

And Stretch…

In line with my taper for next Monday’s half marathon, this week will involve lots of stretching. Or at least, it should- so I’m starting off right:


Today’s stats:

Run: Nope, as I said, stretching was the order of the day for me

Time: 15 mins NTC Kara Goucher Pro Running Stretches. I might do the Shawn Johnson stretching later, too, for good measure 😉

Nice, surprising stretching track: Adam Lambert’s version of the U2 song, One.

Have any of you tried the Kara Goucher stretches, from the Nike Training Club app? I really like it, I think it has really helped me, and is one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay injury-free. Here’s a screen shot of the exercises:


The first exercise is a hip flexor stretch, which I really like.


The second stretch is a triangle stretch. I have terrible balance, so I try to take care when I do this one!


The next stretch is a series of prone position leg swings. When I do this one, I don’t let my swinging leg touch the floor, which I think makes it a little more challenging, but I like that!


The fourth stretch is supine scorpions: I don’t like these much! Too much co-ordination needed, which I just don’t have!


The final exercise is an ITB stretch, using a resistance band. This one feels great!


These exercises are all one minute stretches, totalling 5 minutes, and are repeated 3 times. It always feels great, after they are done! 😀

I’m trying to get my eating back on track, too, so my berries are now all ready and good to go:


Today’s Life Lesson: you know that your handbag is too heavy when it triggers the seatbelt alarm in the car!

What’s your favourite stretch?