The Power Cut: Part Two

The Power Cut: Part Two

We’ve been bashed and battered by gale force winds over the past 12 hours or so, with gusts reaching 140MPH in the Highlands. You can read all about it here.

And so, we have no power in our village again, for the second time in a week.

The joys of living in rural Argyll!

On my commute this morning, I had to dodge seven trees which had blown over and into the road, which was a little different 😉

I’m hopeful that normal blogging (and normal running) may commence later, or failing that, tomorrow.

It’s supposed to be our village’s Christmas Lights switch-on tonight….. not sure if that’ll happen now!


Hoping you are all safe, if you are also affected by bad weather!

22 thoughts on “The Power Cut: Part Two

  1. 140mph??? Where I live that’s called a tornado! And here I am complaining about 30mph winds on my run….Hope your power comes on soon! We are supposedly going to have an ice storm tonight. That will most likely cut our power. So….see ya in the dark?

  2. 140 MPH??? Did you get the conversion from Kilometers right? That’s insane. I was in a typhoon in Guam and the winds were like 120 mph. Lots of destruction it caused! Be safe!

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