Countdown to Madrid

Countdown to Madrid

Tonight, the training started. The Countdown to Madrid has begun!

OK, so between now and then there’s the small matter of a wedding, but for this evening, my mind is firmly on Madrid! 🙂

Following yesterday’s rest day, my training plan called for a nice, easy 3 miler, which @TheWelshWookie and I did around the harbour as usual. It felt great! I forgot to set my Hal Higdon app, but I was able to enter my info manually.

20140204-194825.jpg 20140204-194249.jpg

Tonight, I’m going to settle down with my Madrid guidebook, and begin planning our post-race festivities!


Have you ever been to Madrid? Any ‘must do’s’ I should know about?

16 thoughts on “Countdown to Madrid

  1. Lucky you! I was in Madrid years ago. All I can remember was eating great (and reasonably) priced food every night. Chocolate and churros for breakfast. And the Museum Reina Sofia (?) was awesome.

  2. I entered that race too, but I’m not if I’ll go.
    You should definitely visit (or go for a nice run) El Retiro Park, a great place in the heart of the city.
    I work between Madrid and Seville, you should have tapas at El Mercado de San Miguel, really good food and wine.

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