Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors and Outdoors

The training is under way again, and after a couple of months of just running when I felt like it, and for as long or as short as I wanted, I’m surprised at how easily I’ve fallen back into the schedule!

I’ve always liked routine, so I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised. Structure works for me 😉

Last night, I mixed it up a little, and did my three miler on the treadmill.


I watched the latest episode of The Following while I ran, and that helped the minutes to fly by. Turns out my teenage crush on Kevin Bacon is still there…. 😉


I also did some weights, as the show hadn’t finished by the time my run was done. I’m sticking to my plan like glue!

Tonight, it was great to get outside and run. I really, really enjoyed it. It felt great after yesterday’s cooped up run. Unusually, it was both dry AND still daylight when we headed out, but the light faded fast at the end of the run.

Here’s the view over the harbour at the end of my three miler, which is a little blurry: sorry about that! 🙂


Tomorrow’s a rest day, and I suspect that I’ll be itching to get out again come Saturday!

Are you training right now? How’s it going for you?

Countdown to Madrid

Countdown to Madrid

Tonight, the training started. The Countdown to Madrid has begun!

OK, so between now and then there’s the small matter of a wedding, but for this evening, my mind is firmly on Madrid! 🙂

Following yesterday’s rest day, my training plan called for a nice, easy 3 miler, which @TheWelshWookie and I did around the harbour as usual. It felt great! I forgot to set my Hal Higdon app, but I was able to enter my info manually.

20140204-194825.jpg 20140204-194249.jpg

Tonight, I’m going to settle down with my Madrid guidebook, and begin planning our post-race festivities!


Have you ever been to Madrid? Any ‘must do’s’ I should know about?