Thursday’s Training Update

Thursday’s Training Update

Hi everyone! It’s the weekend for me, as I’m off Friday and Monday, soooo it’s vino night tonight!


I thought I’d give you an update on my Hal Higdon half marathon training. The main headline is: it’s going great!

I think that the plan is really suiting my running style, but it is early days. Last week – week one – was a 3 miler on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a four mile ‘long’ run on Saturday and cross training on Sunday. This week is similar: a 3 miler on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a five mile ‘long’ run on Saturday and cross training on Sunday. So far, so good, but it has ten weeks to go.

It feels great at the moment!


I did my three miles tonight on the treadmill, in my new trainers. All will be revealed soon, in a later post! 😉

Something I’ve been trying to do is to post my training runs on Instagram, so prepare to be bored, if you follow me there.

I’m struggling to figure out how to fit in my five miler this weekend. You see, I’m off on my Hen Weekend, to Alton Towers, and I can’t wait!

Do you think that walking around the theme park, queueing and screaming while riding roller coasters could count as cross training?

Have a fab weekend, everyone!

25 thoughts on “Thursday’s Training Update

  1. I would definitely count walking, screaming, laughing, dancing & generally having fun as cross training. Enjoy your weekend

  2. Have fun!
    If you wanted to run maybe you could run tomorrow morning before you head to your destination? That way you could get it done and not have to worry. Just a thought. 🙂

    Enjoy and I look forward to pictures on Instagram. 🙂

      1. Do it! I always feel better starting my holiday’s with a run. I am off tomorrow as well and trying a boot camp for the first time. Update to follow too.

  3. It definitely counts! And if you don’t fit in your run, don’t stress! I had a bachelorette weekend and had the same worry, and I never ended up running, but I had so much fun and didn’t regret it for a minute. I’ll have to follow you on Instagram!

  4. Oh what I’d give for a long weekend – have lots of fun and think of us while you are drinking wine and screaming on rollercoaster (though hopefully not at the same time!). As for the long run, I can think of two options: first of, you can just set aside some time over the weekend, for instance first thing on Sunday morning. You might well enjoy running in a different place! The other option is to swap it to a day early next week – again, that’ll work well simply because it’s not that long yet! 😉 Good luck!

    1. I love the idea of maybe getting it in on Mon morning- great idea I hadn’t thought of! I’m really excited about the weekend, and while I managed a fab run during my sis’ hen do back in Oct, I’m not sure I’ll be fit enough for it at my own! 😉

  5. Fit in the 5 miler? Easy answer: Swap days. Training schedules have to be flexible, or else you’ll go crazy (Like I do, because I’m better at giving advice than doing it in practice). Pick a day either before you go on your weekend or after that you know you’ll get it in, and do it then. Or, if you still intend to run on that weekend, change a short run day with the long run day. Do all you can to keep from skipping the long runs though… Everything I’ve read says those are the important ones. Good luck! Have fun!

    1. Oh, I should add though – sorry – that you’re still early in the training session….so skipped or missed runs won’t hurt you in the outcome. In the end, just making sure you have quality and that you’re weekly mileage gets higher than your race distance will matter more than a run here or there in the first month of training. Also! More important than anything is how your taper goes. That sets up your mindset and your body for a good or a bad run. I didn’t mean to add any stress with the above comment… just sharing what I’ve read.

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