Coos on the Beach

Coos on the Beach

Yesterday, @TheWelshWookie and I had a busy day.

We started our Saturday off with a little run, involving a mahoosive hill, followed by a dip in the hot tub. It was a beautifully sunny day!

After an early lunch, we headed to Campbeltown, on an errand. I’ll reveal more about that later in the week 😉

On our way, we saw this:


And we also saw a few wakeboarders out enjoying the weather.

While there, we were lucky enough to see the pupils from the local school in a football tournament. It looked like they had a brilliant time, and the weather couldn’t have been better for them! Not only were there schools from around Argyll, but also from Dumbarton, Glasgow and other places. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

20140601-191941-69581799.jpg 20140601-191940-69580997.jpg

We then headed to Muneroy Tearoom in Southend, which is the most southerly point on the Kintyre peninsula. Southend is also the place where St Columba set foot in Scotland, and has a cracking beach!

At the tearoom, we had FANTASTIC cake. They post pictures of their latest home baking delights, and we were not disappointed. @TheWookie had a Butterscotch Cream sponge, I had a Mint Choc cake. Wow. It was served slightly warm, with the icing just going gooey and was sprinkled with mint aero and had mint aero bubbles too. Oh, my. It was nom nom nom!


Given that the weather was so good, we drove back to Campbeltown the scenic route, and it was beautiful. Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran were partially hidden by the haze caused by the sunshine on the sea. We even saw some Highland Cows Heilan’ Coos sunbathing on the beach! Not something you get to see every day!

20140601-191942-69582658.jpg 20140601-191943-69583458.jpg

Today, I wore my RnR Madrid vest on a run for the first time, and got in an 8 miler. It was warm! So, of course, I finished up with another dip in the hot tub.


The GB Relay has begun today: good luck to all those running this week, and we’ll see you on Sunday in Argyll! 🙂

How has your weekend been?

13 thoughts on “Coos on the Beach

  1. Looks awesome…and blue skies even!!! Ha, i saw your pic on instagram and had no idea what it was…I don’t have a taste for sweets, but in my hometown the local ice cream shop made a wicked mint chocolate chip that I would always go to!

  2. I think the RNR Madrid top is the brightest I’ve ever received! Enjoy the relay this weekend. I am starting training this week for the Budapest 30 km 🙂

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