Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the D Day landings.

Today, I’ve been thinking about how different life could be, if those heroes hadn’t given their lives for the liberation of Europe, and secured our freedom. To see the images of the 2,000 or so veterans paying their respects to their fallen comrades on the beaches of Normandy has been poignant. Thinking of coming off those boats, onto a beach into heavy gunfire, and then through land mines must have been truly terrifying.

Even watching ‘Great British Menu’ has been an eye opener, with the veterans’ inspiring stories. Who knew that ladies were flying airplanes? Until recently, I didn’t. It sure puts my issues into perspective.

The simple things I take for granted: a run along the harbour, copious food, a glass of wine, a dip in the hot tub. My typical Friday night.

For these simple pleasures, I am thankful.


True heroes.


10 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I have just been watching Band of Brothers recently and the episode where they land on D-Day was amazing. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that experience must have been for those soldiers. So thankful that they were courageous enough to sacrifice for us.

  2. Radio 4 has had actors reading out news broadcasts from D-Day, hearing the news as it was unfolding and related to the country has been incredibly moving (among other things like the interviews with veterans).

    1. BBC radio coverage has been great: they did something similar in Nov for the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK. Very moving to hear it in real time.

  3. So true and very well said. We’ve been celebrating D Day in Australia too. Australian soldiers fought on D Day as well and a small handful of very aged surviving soldiers returned to France to mark the anniversary. All heros no matter where they came from, fighting for our freedom. A wonderful post 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree: it was truly a world war, unfortunately. Gladdens my heart to hear that some managed to travel for it.

  4. Well said.
    I’ve visited Arromanche and the nearby cemetery at Colleville on a number of occasions as part of a school trip. They are both moving and emotional experiences. A great deal has been said about the importance of younger generations understanding and remembering the sacrifices that were made, and seeing the reactions of our pupils when they visit these sites is incredible – they are invariably moved to tears by the stories they hear and the losses that were suffered. Returning again later this year will somehow seem even more poignant after watching and listening to some of the coverage this week.

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