Sorry, I felt the need to shout that out!

This evening, @thewelshwookie and I are going to enjoy some music in the village, as its the Viking Festival this weekend. It’s also the traditional boat festival, and for those coming along, it will be a great weekend.

We’ll miss the rest of the weekend fun in Tarbert as tomorrow we’re off to see my brother Joe bungee off the Titan crane! Eek!


And then, on Sunday, we’re off to our other favourite place on the planet, Tenerife.

Can’t wait to see this beautiful island again!







I’ll be posting from time to time over the next couple of weeks, when WiFi and time allows.
Do you have any plans for the next fortnight?

11 thoughts on “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

  1. Yay for school holidays and 7 weeks for us this year!
    Hope you have a great time in Tenerife. We’re off to Florida on Wednesday and I’m hoping to be able to start running again so fingers crossed I’ll be starting my training for Loch Ness when we get back 🙂

  2. I work at a University and have to keep working through summer. My students start on campus in September so it is prep work for them. All good though. On Friday afternoon next week Warren and I head out on our two week road trip! So. Can’t. WAIT!

    Enjoy your holiday’s and your evening tonight. It looks like you are travelling to a beautiful spot. I will look forward to seeing posts when you have time. I am going to try and post on and off too.

  3. Have fun in Tenerife! Those photos look so pretty! I’m always so impressed with anyone who can bungee jump – I just know I could never do it. Ever. We’re going on a camping trip over 4th of July next weekend – at one of the least visited National Parks, Great Basin National Park.

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