Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Why, hello there, stranger!

Did you miss me?

I know that I had said I’d do a couple of posts while I was in Tenerife, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t have much access to WiFi, and I used up my phone data quite quickly! Ooops! 😉

And, on top of that, my web domain expired while I was away – I had completely forgotten about it! Ooops again! 😮

So, I’m very sorry for the accidental blogging break. But, I’m back, and I’m really looking forward to catching up on your blogs over the next couple of weeks, and seeing what I have missed.

Here’s a little something that sums up the past couple of weeks for me:


So, what big news have I missed?

13 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing a Tenerife post at some point (I hope!). Matt and I would love to go back next year and do some of the stuff we didn’t get to do a couple of years ago.

    Nothing super new around my part of the world other than starting the #Whole30 which has been good.

    1. Ooh, looking forward to hearing about #whole30! There will indeed be a post about Tenerife soon 😉

  2. Welcome back Jaynie. I did miss you. Hope all is well and your foot is feeling better. I’m still on vacation myself until Saturday and we head back to Victoria. Going on a wine tour this afternoon and excited about that. Have a good day. 🙂

    1. I’ve really enjoyed your Facebook updates while you’ve been on holiday! Enjoy the vino! I hope your car was fixed ok.

      1. The brakes were fixed but we now have to get the windshield fixed since a rock hit it. Fun! We had lots of mishaps on our vacation.
        Happy you enjoyed the updates.

  3. Welcome back! I’ve missed your regular posts. I’m about to head home from holiday too 😦 Still not 100% healed from injury but hopefully on the mend now and keen to try out some new kit I’ve bought 🙂

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