Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

So, is anyone suffering from Christmas fatigue yet? No? Good! Me neither! 😛

All of my Christmas cards have been posted, gifts all wrapped and packed, the house fully decorated – even down to the Christmas bedding (washed with Winter Spice scented fabric softener, no less)! I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

We’ve has the first winter ice, which is always a danger when you’re as bambi-esque as I am at the best of times, with no sense of balance. Fortunately, it’s melted again for now, and we’re back to rain.

At this time of year, though, it can be easy to become caught up in the commercialism and spend, spend, spend – and to try to keep up with the excesses of the season with parties and events. But, despite my love for the season, I still try to remember that some things are much more important; and that spending quality time with loved ones is the best way to celebrate. This Maya Angelou quote can be interpreted in many ways, but it resonates in this context for me at the moment:


Have a wonderful week- and don’t get too caught up in everything.

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