Catching up with 5×50

Catching up with 5×50

Betcha didn’t expect to hear from me tonight? 😉

Just a quick post to say that, already, we’re on day 31 of the 5×50 challenge. Oooft, that’s come in quickly!

While I’ve been getting in my average of 5k or 30 minutes each day (I know because my Up band told me so), I hadn’t been logging it. My bad.

Tonight, I ran 2 miles then walked another 2 miles- go me! Not outside, but on the ‘mill. Watching Suits. I then logged my 5×50 and was surprised how the kilometres add up quickly:  Not too shabby! I’ve also got my training schedule tightened a little, after working out the basics of it last night. 

All in all, it’s been a productive Tuesday 😀 

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