Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, I hope you’re ok- particularly if you’re in the UK and affected by the dreadful flooding and poor weather this weekend.

We’ve been lucky this time around, as we weren’t hit too hard: there was a landslide on the Rest and Be Thankful, however the debris nets did their job and the road remained open- yay!

So I was able to make it to Glasgow and back on Saturday where I had a lovely festive lunch with some of the Dream Team. We even had a lovely walk around the Christmas lights, in the rain 🙂

This week, I don’t have Clubbercise and I probably won’t make my Pound class either, so I’m contemplating using that as a reason to lace up my trainers and bust out a short run. I really have to get back out there!

Here’s something to help with my motivation: 

 I hope it helps you too 😉

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

  1. It’s been wild hasn’t it? Ireland has experienced some severe flooding along the West. What’s stopping you from running? Do you have a goal or race coming up? Maybe just aim to run 1 mile and see how you feel then?

    1. It has been dreadful, hasn’t it? I’ve just been focussing and enjoying my cross training, so I’ve been sticking with that, and waiting for my running mojo to reappear: I think it’s on it’s way back 😉

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