Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, how’s your day been so far? Mine has been great: a cheeky little Monday off that’s been filled with domestic doings like the small mound of ironing I’ve built up 😀

Can you believe that we’re already just past the longest day? Our schools break up on Friday, and that’s come around very quickly!  


That means we have the Viking Festival this weekend, and the Seafood Festival next week- I can’t wait!

Week five of my training programme has gone well, including Saturday’s sun burned fun run. I took yesterday off, which is the first ‘missed’ session I have had. I needed it, and feel so much better for it! 

Here’s the training v the plan:  


Today’s run calls for 3.5 miles, and I’m all set for that. 

Here’s my motivation for this week:  


Have a great week!

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