Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello! Anyone else wilting in this unseasonable weather? I’m not complaining- definitely not- we’ve had a great long, warm spell recently. This weekend I did more gardening, went for a run, a hot tub and chilled out. It was amazing, and just what I needed after a tough week.

Today’s started off the same way last week finished, and so my eye is firmly on enjoying this weather while it lasts and keeping my training on track this week. And here’s what I’m using as my focus….

 Exactly! 🙂

Holiday Photo Share 

Holiday Photo Share 

As promised, here are some pics from last week’s holiday. I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s Cardiff Castle: 

 The Millennium Stadium:  

 Cardiff’s Docks: 

 And the Dr Who Experience- choosing which pics to share was difficult! 

I even hugged a Lego Dalek 😉 

 I’d highly recommend a visit!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, how’s your day been so far? Mine has been great: a cheeky little Monday off that’s been filled with domestic doings like the small mound of ironing I’ve built up 😀

Can you believe that we’re already just past the longest day? Our schools break up on Friday, and that’s come around very quickly!  


That means we have the Viking Festival this weekend, and the Seafood Festival next week- I can’t wait!

Week five of my training programme has gone well, including Saturday’s sun burned fun run. I took yesterday off, which is the first ‘missed’ session I have had. I needed it, and feel so much better for it! 

Here’s the training v the plan:  


Today’s run calls for 3.5 miles, and I’m all set for that. 

Here’s my motivation for this week:  


Have a great week!

The Garden

The Garden

While I was out running, in the rain, on Sunday, I was admiring the fields full of bluebells and the primula that were blooming by the side of the road.
@TheWelshWookie and I had decided to run the Glen road in reverse: and it turned out to be tougher than expected! So it was good to be distracted by the beautiful plants and the lambs gambolling in the fields.
When we got back, I realised that our own garden is getting to that point in Spring where the colours are beginning to pop and burst out all over. The fushia, clematis and roses aren’t yet out- they’ll give some late summer and autumn colour. But the peonies and azalea are showing off their style!
Wanna see?





How’s your garden looking at the moment?

A New Arrival

A New Arrival

On Saturday, @TheWelshWookie and I went for a little run around Tarbert Harbour. It was a damp day, with blustery showers, but we were lucky and managed to time our run between them: more by luck than design, I hasten to add 😉

And, the village has had a new arrival: our brand new ferry is here, and almost ready for action!

Our current ferry, MV Isle of Cumbrae, is a lovely little lady. But she’s a bit tired and ever so slightly old fashioned. But we’ll miss her.


Her replacement is a hybrid ferry, both diesel and electric, and she is much bigger than her predecessor.

She’s MV Lochinvar, and can carry 150 passengers and 23 vehicles. She’s brand, spanking new, and only the second of her hybrid-kind in the CalMac fleet.

I can’t wait until our next visit to Portavadie, so we can see what she’s like inside and on the water 🙂

When was the last time you were on a ferry? Where did you go?



Looking Towards Late Summer

Looking Towards Late Summer

So, it may still be January, and freezing outside for many of you. But I’m already looking towards late summer!


Already, I have my summer holidays all authorised at work, so I can now look forward to a few trips. 🙂

I’ve also been mooching around various running sites, lining up potential races.

So far, I’ve entered the ballot for places in the Great North Run:

images (2)

I watched last year’s race, wishing I was there! I know it’s always over subscribed, so I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m lucky 😉

I’m also still considering the Loch Ness Marathon, and I am definitely leaning towards entering it…. I just haven’t actually committed to it….. yet!

Back in the present, this evening I’ve done my plank-a-day, my squat challenge and some rowing. Gosh, it feels great to be back to it!

Have you signed up for any late summer races yet?