Holiday Photo Share 

Holiday Photo Share 

As promised, here are some pics from last week’s holiday. I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s Cardiff Castle: 

 The Millennium Stadium:  

 Cardiff’s Docks: 

 And the Dr Who Experience- choosing which pics to share was difficult! 

I even hugged a Lego Dalek 😉 

 I’d highly recommend a visit!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Photo Share 

  1. I had a feeling you were a Ten woman too, a person can just tell. Had a squee at the pic of the Tardis and K-9. It looks great, i really must bring Child 1 to see it soon, we are BIG fans

    1. Oh, you should, it’s a must for any fans, child 1 will no doubt live it! The 10th Doctor is definitely my number one 😉

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