A New Arrival

A New Arrival

On Saturday, @TheWelshWookie and I went for a little run around Tarbert Harbour. It was a damp day, with blustery showers, but we were lucky and managed to time our run between them: more by luck than design, I hasten to add 😉

And, the village has had a new arrival: our brand new ferry is here, and almost ready for action!

Our current ferry, MV Isle of Cumbrae, is a lovely little lady. But she’s a bit tired and ever so slightly old fashioned. But we’ll miss her.


Her replacement is a hybrid ferry, both diesel and electric, and she is much bigger than her predecessor.

She’s MV Lochinvar, and can carry 150 passengers and 23 vehicles. She’s brand, spanking new, and only the second of her hybrid-kind in the CalMac fleet.

I can’t wait until our next visit to Portavadie, so we can see what she’s like inside and on the water 🙂

When was the last time you were on a ferry? Where did you go?



19 thoughts on “A New Arrival

  1. I live in Vermont, US, and we have Lake Champlain separating us from New York state. There’s a ferry that runs between, but I haven’t been on it in years. It’s a lovely, short trip, though!

  2. Two summers ago we were visiting Olympic National Park in Washington and got the ferry across Puget Sound to get to Seattle. It was such a beautiful day and a great holiday. But the ferry I’ve gotten most is Stenaline from Stranraer to Belfast!

  3. I haven’t been on the ferry in a long time, but there is a ferry close to my house! 🙂 🙂
    Beautiful pictures!!! XOXO!!!

  4. Last summer, I took a ferry ride in Michigan to an island. You could put your feet into two different Great Lakes in one place!! 🙂

  5. You so fancy! Last time for me was at Disney World back in Jan. It’s always fun to ride it away from the Magic Kingdom at the end of the day when they’re shooting off the fireworks.

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