Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, my lovelies! Have you had a good weekend? I have.

After my comments yesterday about every day being an event for someone, today is Commonwealth Day. And thinking about it has brought back floods of happy memories from last year’s Commonwealth Games.

Happy, happy days! You can read more about the fun I had here, in the post Gallus Glasgow. Actually, I wrote a few posts about it, but this is the main one 😉

It’s now week two of HM training, and so far, so good- my running is on track! I’m off to Clubbercise tonight, and it’s a much-needed rest day in the daily plank challenge. How on earth am I going to manage 45 seconds tomorrow? 😮

Well, I’ll be giving it a good go!

I have a pretty busy week ahead so I’ll try to check in when I can- I’ve enjoyed returning to more frequent posts last week 😀

Is everyone as excited as I am about the eclipse on Friday? What can I say- I’m easily pleased!  We also have visitors this weekend so I guess I’d better fit in some cleaning this week too!

Here’s a little glimpse into my fluffy brain this morning:

Catch y’all soon! :D

*New Challenge Alert*

*New Challenge Alert*

Week one of half marathon training and so far, so good! We did a 5k treadmill run on Tuesday, and a lovely three miler on Wednesday. Thursday didn’t happen because we were out for the evening, but tomorrow’s run will make it three-in-a-week for the first time in forever!

I’ve also just joined a local plank challenge – eek! I know loads of these are started and abandoned every month, and it’s hard to stay accountable. Well, knowing that lots of ladies (and guys) are accountable together will, I hope, keep me committed.

Day one, two and three are done, and as ever it’s tough when you haven’t done it in a while 😉

And it’s almost time for 5×50: this is a great time of year for feels good and working hard!

Looking Towards Late Summer

Looking Towards Late Summer

So, it may still be January, and freezing outside for many of you. But I’m already looking towards late summer!


Already, I have my summer holidays all authorised at work, so I can now look forward to a few trips. 🙂

I’ve also been mooching around various running sites, lining up potential races.

So far, I’ve entered the ballot for places in the Great North Run:

images (2)

I watched last year’s race, wishing I was there! I know it’s always over subscribed, so I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m lucky 😉

I’m also still considering the Loch Ness Marathon, and I am definitely leaning towards entering it…. I just haven’t actually committed to it….. yet!

Back in the present, this evening I’ve done my plank-a-day, my squat challenge and some rowing. Gosh, it feels great to be back to it!

Have you signed up for any late summer races yet?