Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Well, I did it, I got out of my injury/low motivation/other-stuff-getting-in-the-way cycle that has dogged me, and I completed my 150 mile 10K training plan which culminated in running the Carradale Canter 10K.


I’ve enjoyed being back in a proper routine, and I love that I’ve shifted the first 10 pounds of the extra weight that sneaked on while I was busy being idle. Running, I have missed you! 😀

Today, I began day one, week one of my half marathon training for the Great North Run in nine week’s time. Now, my training plan should really be 12 weeks, but given that I’m straight from my Carradale training plan, starting on week three is fine. Today’s run was a three miler, with a slight progression: two miles steady, and a final mile at a faster pace. I’d be lying if I said it was easy and my legs weren’t a little weary after yesterday’s run over multi terrain. But I got it done. Go me!

Next on the plan is a 3.8 mile threshold session tomorrow, a 3 mile easy run on Wednesday and cross training on Thursday with Pound. Yep – I think I can say that I’m firmly back on track.

So, here’s a little positive something to get you started this week:


Have a brilliant week, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

    1. Thanks! I wish that was the only 20lbs I have to shift- there’s a lot more to go, but we’ll get there! 🙂

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