Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

I’m a little later posting tonight than usual, for one reason. I almost forgot to blog at all! Oops! Better later then never 😉

I’ve had a very busy weekend: my parents were through visiting during the end part of last week and into the early part of the weekend before we all headed through to Dumbarton for my niece, Abigail’s Christening yesterday. It was such a wonderful celebration, and spending time with family is always great fun.  

  Isn’t she just too cute? 😍

Have any of you girls out there followed the tradition of proposing to your significant other today? I don’t put much stead in things like that, but I guess it’s a nice way to remember and celebrate a date that only comes around once every four years. 

Here’s something that resonated with me this week, and it applies equally to my fitness goals as it does to other areas of my life:  

 Just move on, and set new goals. 

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