Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

I haven’t run this week. I’m not apologising for it, I’m not going to say something glib like ‘life got in the way’, I just didn’t run, and I’m ok with that.

I’ve been nursing scrapes and bruises since my fall the previous week, and I’ve worked hard at my fitness classes so I haven’t been sitting idle all week either 😉

I do have races to prepare for though, so I’ll get back out there. As you might know, since I reframed my running a year ago I’ve been really enjoying it more: no pressure on myself, no aiming for times or PBs, just ‘running my run’ as Kyla would say, and enjoying every second of each race. Same goes for training. Yes, there are tough times and easier times, but it’s all about balance. And I’m getting better at that!

Have a great week!

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