Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello everyone, how has your Monday been? I was back at work after a week’s holiday. I had a very relaxing week, but didn’t skip out on my classes and running. It’s so easy when having a staycation to just give ’em a miss, but I didn’t. Mind you, I then ate a few extra calories so it’s just as well I stuck to it! 😉 I did manage to get most of my Christmas shopping done, it feels great to be organised!

Tonight’s Body Conditioning class was amazing. It’s tough – don’t get me wrong- but I love the sore-muscle feeling immediately after working out that I know will develop into DOMS tomorrow or Wednesday. Tomorrow I have Pound, with Jog Scotland on Wednesday and then both PiYo and VeraFlow on Thursday. I’m then looking forward to the Tarbert Book Festival with my bestie and her family at the weekend. Yay!

So, to match my positive mood tonight, here’s a little positivity to take away:  Have a great week!

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