Music for Running and Marrying

Music for Running and Marrying

To me, music is really, very important.

When I run, I listen to music most of the time. Sometimes, I’ll listen to a podcast, but mostly, I’ll have on my running playlist that consists of all kinds of upbeat tunes, from the 60’s to right now, from Motown to Dance mixes.


My taste is eclectic 😉

In the early days of my blog, I used to post a song each day that played when I ran or worked out. Not sure why I stopped that.

I’ve recently bought Audio Fuel, which I plan to use with my marathon training. I’ve used it twice, and it seems really good for long runs.

In the car, I listen to the radio. In the bath, I have my iPod plugged into the speaker. We have iPod docks and speakers all over the house.

Am I painting a clear picture here?

Today, @TheWelshWookie and I have been looking through music and hymns we could use for our wedding. We’ve been belting out hymns, and putting traditional (and not-so-traditional) procession music up on the TV using YouTube and Apple TV. It’s been fun!

Have we decided on our church music yet? Have we heck!

We do have an iPod playlist for background music during the meal, and we have another playlist for partying either into the wee small hours, or the day after the wedding: it’s packed with floor fillers and family favourites. We’ve had our first dance song picked for ten years!

But the hardest music to choose is striking the balance between hymns and music we like, that our guests will know and will be able to sing along with: hymns that are upbeat enough, wedding-appropriate AND set the right scene.

Hmmmm! It’s a taller order than I thought! Any suggestions?

17 thoughts on “Music for Running and Marrying

  1. Well as we drive in the car to the run we have Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me blasting. Have that one?

    I am a fan of music and love how it can motivate me running or just to get out the door. I also like how it can help get me out of a bad mood. My best therapy. 🙂

    Good luck lady!

  2. I have recently started listening to Marathon Talk’s podcast which I have enjoyed, but generally it is music on my ipod. Like you, it’s quite eclectic!

    Hymns were difficult for us to pick too. In the end, we went for Jerusalem (we had a mix of WI-ers and rugby fans, and who doesn’t know Jerusalem?! Matt would have had Bread of Heaven if there was a greater Welsh contingent), and When a Knight Won His Spurs. I couldn’t remember When a Knight Won His Spurs, but the tune was easy to pick up, and was a hymn my mum’s generation sang at school.

    The playlist for the Reception was easy peasy by comparison.

    1. Bread of Heaven is on the short list, given @TheWelshWookie’s background! We talked about Jerusalem, too, though not sure. It’s so tough!

  3. This one the song that played when we walked into the salon in our wedding:

    The rest of the music was a big mess, all of our friends pic a song, then the “DJ” a close friend, was using Spotify, everybody had a saying.
    And of course, the good old 80’s classic were present.
    Who wasn’t going to dance like an Egyptian?

      1. 😀 I suppose we can just e-mail the playlists? Or, if we want to have some fun, we could both buy a cheap mp3 player, upload our lists and mail it to the other person. That way we can take the other’s playlist on runs and be surprised!

      2. I love that idea! Next time I’m near civilisation (or an Asda or Tesco) I’ll pick up a cheap MP3 player! Fab!

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