A Blogger Surprise!

A Blogger Surprise!

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting to Girl Runs Wild about running music and playlists. During the online conversation, she mentioned that we should buy a basic MP3 player each, download our playlists, and mail them to each other.

And so, the great playlist swap has begun!

While Girl Runs Wild is still waiting for me to receive the MP3 player from Amazon to load and send to her, I received an email on Tuesday, telling me to look out for a little package through the mail 😉

And yesterday, there was a parcel waiting for me at the front door! Eeeek!

It was quite a large package, and my first thoughts were: was there something I’ve ordered for the wedding that I’ve forgotten about? Has @TheWelshWookie been doing some sneaky online shopping?

I carried the package into the kitchen, and opened it. Hmmm. It was a lovely pink box, wrapped in a silver satin ribbon. I was intrigued!


I carefully removed the ribbon, puzzling over this lovely package.  My thoughts included have I entered and won a competition? I rechecked the name and address, in case I’d accidentally opened a package for my neighbour: nope! It’s definitely for me!

I opened the box, unsure of what to expect. And what did I find? A box of fabulous goodies, perfect for a runner!

The lovely notecard inside explained all: this wonderful blogger was treating me to the whole ‘Girl Runs Wild’ running experience, including the music, fuel, recovery food and post-run pampering kit! 😀


In the box was: a 9 Bar (I love these), a bag of Lindt eggs (delish!), The Body Shop Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel, a big box of lovely scented tea lights and another small gift box containing the MP3 player!

I’m a very, very lucky blogger!

I’m already a huge fan of 9 bars, and I’m not sure you’ll believe this, but @TheWelshWookie and I polished off the last of our Lindt chocolate balls from Christmas only on Monday, so to receive the Lindt eggs now is just perfect!

The body gel smells really lovely, and I can’t wait to try it post-run. I use a lot of candles, and the ones Girl Runs Wild included smell divine!

I am tempted to have a sneak listen to the MP3 player but I’m going to hold off, and use it on my long run, so that I can really enjoy it. I’ll let you know all about it after I’ve listened!


I’ve been blown away by both the generosity and the lovely, thoughtful surprise: it has really made my week!

Thank you, Girl Runs Wild! You’ve really highlighted for me how fantastic all of you bloggers are!

In case you missed it, we’re also both signed up for the Around the World Running Blog Relay 2014: Are you in yet? No? Well, you’d best get a wriggle on, it starts on Saturday! 😉 Sign up here

Have you ever received a wonderful surprise?

Music for Running and Marrying

Music for Running and Marrying

To me, music is really, very important.

When I run, I listen to music most of the time. Sometimes, I’ll listen to a podcast, but mostly, I’ll have on my running playlist that consists of all kinds of upbeat tunes, from the 60’s to right now, from Motown to Dance mixes.


My taste is eclectic 😉

In the early days of my blog, I used to post a song each day that played when I ran or worked out. Not sure why I stopped that.

I’ve recently bought Audio Fuel, which I plan to use with my marathon training. I’ve used it twice, and it seems really good for long runs.

In the car, I listen to the radio. In the bath, I have my iPod plugged into the speaker. We have iPod docks and speakers all over the house.

Am I painting a clear picture here?

Today, @TheWelshWookie and I have been looking through music and hymns we could use for our wedding. We’ve been belting out hymns, and putting traditional (and not-so-traditional) procession music up on the TV using YouTube and Apple TV. It’s been fun!

Have we decided on our church music yet? Have we heck!

We do have an iPod playlist for background music during the meal, and we have another playlist for partying either into the wee small hours, or the day after the wedding: it’s packed with floor fillers and family favourites. We’ve had our first dance song picked for ten years!


But the hardest music to choose is striking the balance between hymns and music we like, that our guests will know and will be able to sing along with: hymns that are upbeat enough, wedding-appropriate AND set the right scene.

Hmmmm! It’s a taller order than I thought! Any suggestions?