Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Here we are, back at another Monday. Yay! How has your week been? Jacqui is still sunning herself on holiday, and I’ve definitely been having withdrawal from her classes this week. I’ve made up for it though, with runs including a four miler on Friday.

Also, Sam is back with Pound! So last Tuesday I did a Doubler, with Pound and then Zumba, burning around 700 calories. Brilliant. We also had salsa on Friday night, too, so I did have some structure to my week.

Yesterday was the beginning of the first 5x50challenge of 2017: this year instead of there being just one challenge, there are several throughout the year to choose from. This is the first one, and as it lasts 50 days, I’ll be finishing just before I go on holiday so it is perfect timing! Watch out for my weekly roundup post and my Instagram updates. 

Here’s your weekly dose of Monday Motivation to kick start your week: yes!

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