Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been back to my routine for a week, with my holiday not yet fading. And yes, the post-holiday lurgy has just caught up with me. Boo! I’m hoping that it will lift quickly, so that I can keep my training on track. Last week was OK- looking back I now know that this was working on me, which affected my performance at times.

Monday- I was back at WAR, which had new tracks. They were tough, but since I’d forgotten my sports bra I couldn’t work as hard as I’d like. At least I eased back in gently.

Tuesday- I ran 4 miles, and found it pretty tough. My NRC app was playing up, and I think I probably ran further but the GPS didn’t track correctly. I was glad to get it done.

Wednesday- the Jog Scotland run last week was around Stonefield and Barmore Island. It was great, with beautiful scenery even if it was a reasonably short 1.75 mile run. 

Thursday- I had PiYo and VeraFlow, and I was a little concerned I’d have fallen behind. But I was able to keep up with most of the tracks. It’s definitely my favourite classes, in terms of fitness classes.

Friday- we were back at salsa- yay! We had two new steps to learn, which were very different 😀 Our wee routine is beginning to come along nicely!

Saturday- I ran the Taynish 5k with some of the JogScotland ladies and I loved it! It was a tough out and back route, with the first kilometre a surprising uphill trek. But it was all worth it for the fabulous home baking we had in aid of Macmillan Nurses afterwards! I’ll post a race review, I was very happy with my sub 30 minute run. I was pleased to see my first ever decent race picture too: We then had another amazing afternoon at the Fèis, this time I had a guitar session and my first ever fiddle lesson: I even managed to get a tune (of sorts) out of it! 

Sunday- I had a rest day, but we did marshal at the Inveraray Jail Break once again. I love supporting this race, and I’ve written about how amazing it is before. In the afternoon we visited the Loch Fyne Food Fayre and stuffed ourselves on amazing local produce including venison, hog roast and seafood:

Today I’m skipping class for an early night, and I hope to shift this bug quickly. 

I’ll be back to it asap! 

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