Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

It’s a wild, wet and windy day out there. Autumn is definitely on its way!

We’ve had a busy few weekends recently, and we also have several busy weekends coming up. So, what to do today?

Well, really, we have loads of domestic stuff needing done- but life’s too short, right? Hmmm?

So, we’re having a movie day here. @TheWelshWookie and I have a whole stack of films we want to watch, but haven’t gotten round to. Well, today’s the day.

We kicked off with Baz Luhrman’s version of The Great Gatsby.

the-great-gatsby-2012 images (7)

What’s not to love? I think Mr Luhrman’s movies are fantastic, and The Great Gatsby is amongst my top three books, ever. I know it inside and out. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t meet my expectations, but it was a joy: a visual feast, with musical greatness and artistic beauty. Very well done. And I bored @TheWelshWookie by quoting throughout the film.

Next up, was OZ: The Great and Powerful, which was great fun.

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As I watched, something rather momentous dawned. I already have my outfit for The Wedding of The Year. Now, the wedding isn’t until 28th December, but I have been so excited that I’ve been working on my outfit for months. And it is almost entirely ready. But, as I watched this movie, I realised that everyone is going to think that I have based my look on Evanora, the really evil witch. Oops. I swear, it is entirely coincidental!

We then had a pause in the movies for the Strictly Come Dancing launch show: glitter and sequins at the ready!

Finally, as darkness set in outside and we drew the blinds, it was time for World War Z.

download (3)

All in the name of research, of course, in preparation for the Zombie Night Run UK, of course! For those who don’t know, the scenes meant to be Philadelphia were filmed in Glasgow. It was amazing, seeing the city, especially George Square, being taken over by Zombies! Wow!


This picture from the movie is taken from the exact start line of the Great Scottish Run, which is in four week’s time: the hill you can see is the first challenge at the very start of the run… I’m sure I’ll be telling you all about that start in just over four weeks! I’m hoping that there won’t be any zombies at that race, though! 😉

So, no running today. We’ll definitely be out there tomorrow, though… have a lovely Saturday night, folks!