Product Review: Bib & Medal Hanger

Product Review: Bib & Medal Hanger

I recently purchased a bib & medal hanger for myself, and a medal hanger for @TheWelshWookie.

We bought them from Running on the Wall who make these by hand. They are based in the US, but post worldwide. I waited, with anticipation, for the parcels to arrive, and within a couple of weeks they were here!

I chose a pink one, with the slogan ‘Celebrate every mile’ as it reflects my feelings about these races. @TheWelshWookie selected a blue one, with the slogan ‘hardware’ on it. Nice!


They’re made of a really sturdy MDF, and painted with a bit of a vintage feel to them.

We’ve been arguing debating where we should hang them, and we’ve gone for hanging them on a side wall, that leads into the living room. Perfect.

Would you like to see them in situ?

photo (3) photo (4)

I think @TheWelshWookie needs to build that collection next year!

Positives: well made, solid, will definitely take the weight of the medals

Negatives: they’re a little expensive; and of course they incurred import tax of an extra £12 on delivery. Ouch!

I’d recommend these to anyone wanting a good display for their achievements.

12 thoughts on “Product Review: Bib & Medal Hanger

  1. Cool. I use a small coat rack my Lovely Wife made for my oldest son over 26 years ago. I’m not sure what medals have to do with Noah’s Ark, but it works well to display them. I like these a lot also, but you are correct on that import tax!

  2. I made myself one a few years back but it looks very empty compared to yours:) most of the races one my area don’t do medals:(. Yours looks awesome, way to go!

  3. Cool! When in New Orleans for a half marathon, I went to the farmers market and bought a cheap 3-hook coat rack with some fleur de lis on the top. I think I spent 5-6 US Dollars and so far it works pretty well!

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