Race Report: Great Scottish Run Family Mile

Race Report: Great Scottish Run Family Mile

I’ll premise this report by saying that I didn’t run this one!

But, @TheWelshWookie ran it, along with two of my brothers, and four of my nephews. From what I saw, they had a blast!

All of the junior events were run on the Saturday, before the main half marathon and 10K which were on the Sunday.

We made our way to George Square with three very excited nephews, and arranged to meet my brother and nephew there. When we arrived, the whole area was filled with excited kids, and fortunately the weather was kind to them!

My nephews were instantly drawn to the sprint track, where the kids were able to queue up, and race against each other. They loved it!


Here’s Kieran and Aidan, running in the middle two lanes:

And here’s Ryan, winning his race!

We then had time for a quick photo, before the boys headed off to the start line, and us girls headed off to find coffee, and a good point to see them run past.


My sis-in-law then met us, and my brother and nephew joined up with the others at the start line. We heard the race begin, and I did my best to be a good supporter: clapping, cheering, shouting ‘you can do it’, ‘you’re almost there’, ‘you’re almost at the finish line’, and I got some really puzzled looks from the kids running past!

First to fly past us was Ryan:


He was the followed by Liam and my brother Ants:

IMG_2730 IMG_2671

Next, we saw Kieran and my brother Joe (He’s Ryan’s dad, but Kieran was obviously running more at his pace;) ):

IMG_2729 IMG_2668

And then we saw Aidan, and TheWelshWookie. Aidan was pretty overawed by the whole event: the minimum age was 3, and Aidan only turned three on Wednesday!


We met up with the successful runners after they had collected their race packs and medals. They had Belvita biscuits, an organic strawberry leather and a bottle of water in their bags, along with their medal- which is the same one given across all races this weekend.


We then spent some more time at the sprint track.

Liam and Kieran are running in this one:

And Ryan here:

They had a few more goes; including Ryan racing one of the staff!

IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2675

We then headed for some well-deserved ice creams!

The organisation for the kids runs was great, and they all certainly had a ball!

10 thoughts on “Race Report: Great Scottish Run Family Mile

    1. The boys all had a great time; but it’s easy to have fun when you’re 3, or 5 or 6!
      Interestingly, my oldest nephew is the same age as you were in your photograph!

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