The Garden

The Garden

While I was out running, in the rain, on Sunday, I was admiring the fields full of bluebells and the primula that were blooming by the side of the road.
@TheWelshWookie and I had decided to run the Glen road in reverse: and it turned out to be tougher than expected! So it was good to be distracted by the beautiful plants and the lambs gambolling in the fields.
When we got back, I realised that our own garden is getting to that point in Spring where the colours are beginning to pop and burst out all over. The fushia, clematis and roses aren’t yet out- they’ll give some late summer and autumn colour. But the peonies and azalea are showing off their style!
Wanna see?





How’s your garden looking at the moment?

20 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. I’ve done the same thing today, taken pics of garden in bloom to post later this week, sadly my clematis is past it’s best, but my peonie and maple beautiful also

  2. Beautiful. I love lilacs and they are almost gone now but I take every opportunity I can to stop and smell them on my walks in the neighborhood.

    It is good to run a route in reverse to give your body a new challenge. Good for you guys.

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