Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, is it a bank holiday where you are? It isn’t here in Argyll, but I’ve taken a sneaky Monday off 😉 It’s just as well, really, as I’ve been floored with a doozer of a cold. 😦

It’s been working on me since Thursday evening, but I’ve powered on over a busy weekend. I didn’t go paddle boarding as planned, but other than that I’ve had a busy time. But today it’s caught up with me and I’ve had to admit to being sick. Bleugh. 

I could feel sorry for myself all day: instead I managed a slow two mile shuffle on the ‘mill followed by a 45 mile walk while I watched an episode of Suits 🙂 I stuck to the treadmill because I might genuinely scare folks today if they saw me! Lol! Back to work tomorrow, here’s hoping make up can work miracles!  

 In other news, I’d like to share a huge well done to Kyla at Early Bird Fitness for running her first marathon yesterday in Ottowa in the a-ma-zing time of 3:28! Wowee! 

My week one of back- on- track 10k training has gone really well. The plan was:  

That was a 10 mile target. What I did was:

Monday: 1 mile walk, Clubbercise class

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: 1 mile walk

Thursday: Pound! taster session 

Friday: 4 mile run, Pound! taster session

Saturday: 1.5 mile run

Sunday: 1 mile walk + walking supporting MOK run

I reckon I got it about right and – apart from this cold- I’m feeling great and firmly back on track 😀

So, to keep my motivation up, here’s my mantra for this week:  

 Have a fabulous week! 😀 

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