Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello. Have you had a good week? Mine was good. I’m definitely back into my fitness and overall health improvement groove.

I’ve now had four PiYo classes this year, and I must say that this class is just what I’ve needed. It really fills a huge hole in my routine, giving me the opportunity to really stretch and build strength which can only help my running in the long term.

I’ve tried yoga in the past, but I’ve never found that it works for me- I’ve lacked the discipline and motivation to push myself through, mostly due to my lack of flexibility. With PiYo, the combination of the routines, it’s faster pace and its hiit-style suits me much better. I’m definitely a novice, and that’s both tough and strangely liberating. While I can master some of the more aerobic moves like burpees, I really struggle with some of the balance and tricep/press up moves. I’m finding this a challenge, both mentally and physically, but I’m ok with that. The DOMS are a kind-of reward for my hard work, although they make for a difficult Pound class the following day! 

The mental challenge of finding myself a beginner is something I’m working on- it’s good to admit I don’t know what I’m doing some of the time! 

Jacqui, our instructor, offers great modifications for the moves, and is great at making sure we balance pushing ourselves with being safe.

I’m feeling the benefits of PiYo, but I know that I need to work on it one week at a time, building on my learning each week. 

Don’t be afraid- sometimes it’s exactly where we need to be! 

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

  1. I was only listening to a podcast this afternoon on cross training and you are rocking the cross training! A huge benefit of being a beginner at anything is for out brain, as learning something new forces us to lay down new neuron pathways

  2. Oh, I LOVE PiYo. I started it last year in September. I went to the first class thinking “ooh, yoga and Pilates, I can do that. Nice and gentle, flexible stretching. Brilliant.” And I left that class barely able to walk. I’ve been back nearly every week since.
    I’ve found it really helps with my stamina when out running. I credit it with my 5ish minute PB for a 10k, and knowing I can get through a 60 minute PiYo class makes the tough bit of a run seem easy when I compare them.

    I’ve almost mastered the PiYo flip. But I still get my Rights and Lefts confused by halfway through the class 😉

    1. Fab! That really helps me to see how PiYo really could help my running, thank you. Congrats on the PB, and on the flip! I’ll have to think of my 60minute classes in the same way- love it!

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