Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Sorry for not posting for a week- I’ve been busy, busy with visitors, a short break away and more visitors! I’m back to my routine- such that it is…. Saturday saw me do a 5 mile walk/run/shuffle and boy did I have DOMS on Sunday- my obliques were aching. Tonight, I was back at PiYo and it was tough. Tough after a week of eating whatever I wanted, little exercise and having a few beers and some champagne after yesterday’s Wimbledon final and Euro Championship Final.

Back on track now, though 😉

Are you on holiday? Have you chucked the routine and eating well? This has helped me to focus today:

It’s a new week for us all! 

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

  1. Such a great quote ! What I took from it was: never give up on what you’re doing. The path may have some hardships, but as long as you’re persisted you can get through anything that come your way! 🙂 Check out my page when you get the chance, I just posted a new quote of the week by Chris Hadfield! Feel free to interact with me and check out some previous post as well ! 🙂

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