Yesterday, I wrote about browsin’. Today I’m writing abut dabblin’.

Dabblin’ in what? I hear you ask….

Dabblin’ in making my first ever video clip, and uploading it to YouTube. Woo Hoo! Go, me! Learning a new techie skill! I didn’t just upload it to the website in the ‘normal’ way: I uploaded it directly from my iPhone. Who knew?

I'm such a technophobe at times!
I’m such a technophobe at times!

And, so, what’s this major, artistic masterpiece I have lovingly crafted and edited together with skill and determination?

Erm….. it’s a wee clip of two boats that I filmed when out on my walk yesterday. šŸ˜‰

Would it seem more exciting if I told you that one boat, a fishing boat called Seaspray overtakes the other, Silver Buccaneer?

Would you like to see it? Aww shucks, go on, then…….


On another note, I found my race result from the RnR Dublin:


Today’s stats

Run: just a shortie, 2 miles. @TheWelshWookie came with me, to test out his knees, after Saturday

Time: Ā 21:27 nice and slow

Trainers: Nike LunarFly +3 GTX

Weather: Cloudy

Favourite track from today’s run: Cannae beat a bit of DJ Sammy

Today’s Life Lesson: When sneaking out a fire exit you intend to sneak back in, remember to jam it open first….

What new skill have you tried recently?

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