Getting Ready for TT10K

Getting Ready for TT10K

This Saturday is the inaugural Tarbert 10k run, the TT10k.

I can’t wait!


There are two runs: the 5k kicks off the day at 10am, followed by the 10k at 11am.

One thing that I’m really, really looking forward to is that I know the route well.  Pretty much every step of it.

But I know it will be challenging: two parts of the run are off road, on trails, which is totally new for me. I’ve never done an official run on a trail before! Also, it has hills. Pretty sizeable hills.


OK, so maybe not quite a mountain, but still:

The view from Tarbert Castle
The view from the High Road
The view from the High Road

It’s definitely high enough for me!

Saturday also marks the 100th anniversary of Tarbert Harbour Authority! So, we have another fun filled weekend ahead, including a village barbeque after both runs. The organisation that has gone into setting up this event has been brilliant, and I’m sure it’ll all go very well, as the people behind the run really have put in loads of work, and obviously care about making this a great event for participants, marshals, volunteers, locals and visitors.

Here’s an idea of the route:


It’ll be worth it, for views like this:

Here's my usual running route.
Here’s my usual running route.

IMG_1222 photo-61

Today’s Stats:

Run: Not today, planning on some strength training

Favourite track from today: on of my most favourite songs ever!

With all of this running talk, I forgot my important news: I’m an Auntie again! 😀

My sis had a gorgeous baby boy yesterday, he arrived weighing 7lb 14oz, and looks just like his brothers! My family now has a rugby sevens team: seven boys, no girls!

Can’t wait to meet him!

Today’s Life Lesson: as soon as you walk away from your desk, you can guarantee that an important call will come through, and you’ll miss it….

Does your village/town/city have any running events?



Yesterday, I wrote about browsin’. Today I’m writing abut dabblin’.

Dabblin’ in what? I hear you ask….

Dabblin’ in making my first ever video clip, and uploading it to YouTube. Woo Hoo! Go, me! Learning a new techie skill! I didn’t just upload it to the website in the ‘normal’ way: I uploaded it directly from my iPhone. Who knew?

I'm such a technophobe at times!
I’m such a technophobe at times!

And, so, what’s this major, artistic masterpiece I have lovingly crafted and edited together with skill and determination?

Erm….. it’s a wee clip of two boats that I filmed when out on my walk yesterday. 😉

Would it seem more exciting if I told you that one boat, a fishing boat called Seaspray overtakes the other, Silver Buccaneer?

Would you like to see it? Aww shucks, go on, then…….


On another note, I found my race result from the RnR Dublin:


Today’s stats

Run: just a shortie, 2 miles. @TheWelshWookie came with me, to test out his knees, after Saturday

Time:  21:27 nice and slow

Trainers: Nike LunarFly +3 GTX

Weather: Cloudy

Favourite track from today’s run: Cannae beat a bit of DJ Sammy

Today’s Life Lesson: When sneaking out a fire exit you intend to sneak back in, remember to jam it open first….

What new skill have you tried recently?