Today has been one of those days….. and so I arrived home thinking…..


So I did! But it was grey, and wet and windy out, so @TheWelshWookie and I got thoroughly soaked. It felt great!

There’s only really one word that can be used to describe today’s weather: dreich.


I took a couple of pictures, just so you could see the village in the rain:


I probably had too much fun, stomping through these on my way around the harbour:


Today’s Stats:

Run: 4 miles

Time: 43:26 slow

Weather: Dreich!

Trainers: Nike LunarFly GTX

@TheWelshWookie’s first Running Track: he listens to the same playlist every day, so it is always

Today’s Life Lesson: sometimes, no matter how hard you try to convince someone that they need to listen to what you are actually saying, they just cannot hear it- they subconsciously choose not to.

What’s your favourite weather to run in?

4 thoughts on “Dreich!

    1. I’ve lived here for 6 years, and I love it! The temps are heading that way- it’s about 60 at the moment! 🙂

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