More New Running Gear- Bargain-Bagging!

More New Running Gear- Bargain-Bagging!

Thanks to the wonderful ladies on the fabulous Facebook group Run Mummy Run (yes, I know I’m not a mummy, but they are a very friendly lot, and they let us non-mummies take part 😉 ) I found myself rushing to Aldi last Friday night.

Now, I don’t usually find myself rushing out to discount supermarkets very often, especially not on a Friday evening, when I have wine chilling in the fridge.


But, I had read on a few of the member’s posts that they had a fab, and pretty cheap, range of running gear for the winter on sale. WHAT? Yes. Exactly.

Now I’m sure you understand why this led to me cancelling all other plans, and instructing @TheWelshWookie to drive the 1 1/4 hours to Oban, home of our nearest Aldi.

Because that’s exactly what we did.

I bought:


A fetching fluorescent yellow technical Tshirt, a pink long sleeved compression top, a grey/pink compession base layer set ( shorts and vest), a pair of short compression socks and some fuorescent armbands, with LED lights. Bargain!

@TheWelshWookie also got a ton of stuff.

I’m looking forward to road testing it, so I’ll keep you posted as to how I find it!

12 thoughts on “More New Running Gear- Bargain-Bagging!

  1. Aldi does sell some decent kit and usually twice a year. Keep an eye out in the sping again for their spring/summer gear. And if you know any cyclists, they get cycling kit in too.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised to discover that they did the running clothes, it’s nice to find a bargain!

  2. I bought the running jacket from Aldi this week as well – they really can be very good deals. Lidl works the same way and had a running special about 3 weeks ago or so. I don’t normally shop there either, but I do tend to keep an eye on what they have for sale each week – it’s easily done on the websites, and the specials are advertised weeks in advance. These special sales are very random, but they can be really good value for money!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up; I didn’t know that Lidl did the same; I’ll be keeping an eye on both from now on!

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