Monday Funday

Monday Funday

Today is Blue Monday in the UK, the day when British folks feel most depressed and down.

Not me! I’ve had a day of productivity and progress, so I’m thinking positively!

I thought I’d share a wee photo I took on my run yesterday. Don’t get too excited: it’s a picture of a puddle!

photo (2)

Now, if you squint a bit, don’t you think it looks a little like a map of Britain?


Happy Monday, all!

16 thoughts on “Monday Funday

  1. Glad you’ve had a great, positively non-blue Monday. I didn’t feel the least bit depressed either, only a little tired at work, due to the Mondays and a 30km trail run yesterday! 😉

  2. Blimey either you a) have a better imagination than me or b) better eye sight than me! Can barely see if have to really squint! Well done for your happy day

    1. To be honest, I’m sure it’s just a filler piece on the news- not sure how true it really is 😉

  3. Monday, Munday, Mundane…I think it’s a semantic thing. Blue sky Monday here! Enjoyed seeing this optimism this morning!

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