Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

This is supposed to be a running blog, and- well- I’m really conscious that I’ve neglected the running part recently. Oops!
I must try better- it’ll be another New Year’s resolution for me to break keep 😉
Are any of you wonderfully good runners or bloggers (or run-bloggers) planning an advent streak? Running streak, that is- not the other kind 😛
I haven’t formally signed up for any, but I’m going to lace up my dusty trainers and do something each day. I’m choked with a cold (some excuse, huh?) so I’ll make a start on the treadmill tonight.
Go me!
Anyone care to join me?
It’s also AIDS Awareness Day, so I’ve been sporting my awareness pin in support of this important cause. It’s frustrating to think that 20+ years on from the AIDS awareness campaigns I remember that so many younger people are unaware of the risks that HIV and other STDs pose. One in four people diagnosed with HIV is under the age of 24. Get educating!

Here’s my thought for this week:

Have a wonderful week- let me know what you are up to!

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