Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, can you believe that we are less than two weeks until Christmas? Wow! I’ve had a pretty busy week with preparations and festivities, but I managed to squeeze in a good bit of exercise too:

Monday: Body Conditioning 

Tuesday: Fitness Marathon for CRUK- Glow, Pound, Zumba and VeraFlow, 3.5 hours 💪🏻

Wednesday: JogScotland run

Thursday: PiYo and Veraflow 

Friday: Salsa

All in all, I managed about 8 hours of workouts this week. Ooooft!

But as we wind down to Christmas, classes are beginning to slow down too, so I’ll be going along to whatever is running this week, hopefully. I’m also on leave, so today has been filled with card writing and present wrapping. All while watching Christmas films of course. Fab! 🎄

While we have had mild weather here, I did love this quote when I came across it:

 Have a wonderful week!

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