Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Thanks to the 5×50 Challenge, I’ve had a great week in terms of fitness and exercise. As for healthy eating? Um…. not so much! I’ve really enjoyed sticking to my challenge and I can’t believe how quickly it is flying by. The only downside is that my appetite is off the scale- and I’m not making the best choices. Well, I’ll be rectifying that starting now.

Last Monday I mentioned that we had started a circuits class. It was brilliant- high intensity and I really felt great afterwards, with DOMS for days. Tuesday was Trigger Point Pilates, ideal after working hard on Monday and on Wednesday I did a 5k run along Helensburgh seafront. I had a watch malfunction and it didn’t record all of my run- but I know I still got it done!

Thursday was the beginning of a new PiYo round and it’s shaping up to be a good one- it was great that some new people joined us for it. On Friday TheWelshWookie and I had a day in Glasgow and it was brilliant. I also easily clocked up 40 exercise minutes and 10k! Saturday was also busy with Fèis but again, a walk later in the day meant I managed 54 exercise minutes and over 10k too. Sunday I stayed on track with 30 minutes of exercise in front of the TV being inspired by everyone running the London Marathon.

Tonight, I was back at circuits and- wow- progress already! In the past I have never managed moving from low to high planks. Never! Tonight, I managed two sets of 30 seconds with a 10 second recovery. It was tough, but I can’t believe I managed it! I also upped the intensity with some of the stations, including doing my mountain climbers using the bosu ball 👍🏻

Here’s my thoughts to kick start this week: It might not be strictly true if you have a great fitness guru in your life like I do with Jacqui who knows when we can push more! Go on… that’s where the magic happens! Have a great week!

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