Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello! I can’t believe we’re mid way through June, with just two weeks until school holidays. And- more importantly for me- until we’re off on holiday too!

Last week was a quiet one for us, I’ve not much to report after the highs of last Sunday’s 10k. My week went something like this:

Monday- body blitz circuits

Tuesday- Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday- Jog Scotland run, in the rain for a change

Thursday- rest

Friday- walk

Saturday- walk

Sunday- walk

By the end of the week I was flagging. Probably a combination of recovery needed and I think I’m ready for some time off. It has been a long six months since my last break and it can’t come quickly enough!

After my lack of activity since last Wednesday, here’s something that struck me:

Have a great week!

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